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On December 1, 2014 the Career and Technical Education Advisory Commission Meeting convened at Calhoun High School in Calhoun, Georgia; it was co-chaired by Representative Tom Dickson and Senator John Wilkinson.  Invited guests were asked to provide a 10-15 minute presentation sharing their perspectives on Career and Technical Education in Georgia.  Presenters represented various roles in the CTAE and education arena. 
Georgia Career and Technical Instruction (CTI) State Officer and East Paulding County High School Student, Anna Johnson gave heartfelt testimony regarding the positive influence being a member of Georgia CTI has made in her life.  Anna has a disability that has significantly impacted on her life.  Although she is deaf, she has turned her “disability into an ability” through her involvement with Georgia CTI.  Anna shared personal experiences of her daily struggles in the classroom and how through perseverance and hard work, qualities that Georgia CTI has instilled in her, she is now thriving in the classroom.  She attests that through her involvement with Georgia CTI she has been able to pursue leadership positions she never thought possible and expand her relationships.  Johnson also shared how Georgia CTI helps to integrate and support students with disabilities into the traditional Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education setting.

Anna Johnson, CTI Reporter from East Paulding High School in Dallas, GA, presenting at the 2014 CTAE Advisory Commission Meeting