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Its a new year at CTI. Let's see what you can do!

Hunter Williams
Haralson County High

Before CTI, I struggled with self-confidence and wondered what I would do after high school. I was always hesitant to try, but CTI helped me. Sometimes it takes me longer to do things because I have a disability. I thought people would judge me because of my disability. But, I can accomplish anything anyone else can, my disability doesn't hold me back! Through my involvement with CTI I was able to complete 3 pathways; Automotive, Welding, and JROTC! I also passed my End of Pathway Assessments (EOPA) in Automotive and Welding! In passing my Automotive EOPA, I not only became a pathway completer but have also earned my ASE Student Certification in Basic maintenance and light repair!

Thank you, Georgia CTI and my CTI Coordinator Mrs. Kathryn Shirey for helping me realize I can accomplish anything!