CTSO Legislative Day
CTSO Legislative Day - February 5th, 2025
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CTSO Legislative Day

February 5th, 2025
Georgia State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia

Objective: To promote and inform legislators of the value of Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education programs and CTSOs.

The CTSO Legislative Expo is held at the state Capitol, and allows the State Officers from our CTSOs to meet with legislators, constitutional officers, members of the Georgia Department of Education staff and the GACTE Board of Directors. The goal of the Legislative Expo is to increase awareness of the important work of Georgia Career and Technical Student Organizations across the state and to thank legislators for their support.

Legislators rely heavily on the viewpoints expressed by their local constituents when they make important decisions regarding education issues. By coming to Atlanta and actively participating in a day of visiting the Capitol and meeting with legislators, CTSO members and advisers can be an effective voice for Georgia CTSOs. A visit to the Georgia Capitol also offers students an opportunity to view first-hand the state government in action and to learn about the judicial and lawmaking processes. Your chapter is encouraged to participate.

Event Detail
  • February 5th, 2025

Georgia State Capitol
Capitol Sq SW
Atlanta, GA 30334