• September 9, 2023

An Interview with a CTI Coordinator: Didi Davis

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Didi Davis had been a teacher for fifteen years when she began to wonder if there was a more impactful way she could serve her students. After speaking with a close friend who happened to be a CTI Coordinator, she discovered how this position was pivotal in setting students up for success after high school. Didi knew that, with her skill set and personality, she was the right fit for the role of CTI Coordinator.

When the opportunity presented itself shortly thereafter, Didi enthusiastically seized the chance to serve as a Coordinator. And here she is today, three years down the road, thoroughly enjoying every moment in her role and relishing the substantial impact that Georgia CTI has on her students.

Didi currently works at Greene County High School in Greensboro, Georgia.

What is your favorite part of your job (as an educator and/or CTI coordinator)?

I love being a CTI Coordinator because every day is different, but every day is spent trying to set my students up for success. I love working with my students, making sure they are on track for completing their classes, being an advocate for them, teaching them skills to better their future, and planning activities and experiences to help them grow. I love pushing them out of their comfort zone when they don’t believe they can do something because I believe in them.

What do your students enjoy most about the leadership workshops?

Do you mean besides getting out of school? 🙂 My students enjoy new experiences, meeting new people, building relationships with their peers and teachers, and learning skills that will set them apart from others.

Who inspires you?

My students inspire me. They come from varying backgrounds, some very challenging, but they come to school every day, and they put forth effort every day. They all want to become better versions of themselves, and that pushes me to do whatever it takes to help them achieve that goal. My students amaze me every single day, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them.

Which events will your students be attending this year with Georgia CTI?

My students will be participating in Emerging Leaders B.A.S.I.C. Training, the Fall Leadership Conference, and the Spring Leadership Conference & Competition.

Why do you think keeping Georgia CTI active in your school is important?

Georgia CTI provides amazing opportunities for students of varying abilities by providing them with a safe space where they can learn and grow.

Group of kids sitting around a table in a conference hall
What would you tell someone who was thinking of becoming a Coordinator?

Do it! If you want to truly help students, this is it. If you want to feel like you make a difference in the lives of students, this is it. If you want to see your students progress toward success, this is it. Every single day, I feel grateful for this job, my students, and my co-workers; I may not be able to explain what I did all day to anyone, but each day, I know that I am helping set my students up for a successful future.

Thank you, Didi, for your hard work and dedication to helping Georgia CTI students reach their full potential.
Group of kids sitting around a table in a conference hall